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Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consulting

During my 14 years in Silicon Valley, I gained extensive experience coaching employees in leading tech companies such as Google, Apple, Meta, Asana, and various start-ups. I expanded my knowledge of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) framework and learned how the leading companies implement these principles in their workplace culture.

I provide coaching and consulting to companies and organizations on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, focusing on neurodivergent employees.
Many talented people working in tech companies (managers and employees alike) meet the definition of Neurodiversity. This is an umbrella term for people who, in addition to their talents and sometimes rare abilities, experience difficulties in attention, learning, social communication, executive function skills, etc., which may impact their performance and contribution to the organization.

Research shows that inclusive culture in the workplace increases employee motivation and productivity. I work with management to promote an equitable and inclusive workplace that recognizes and emphasizes each person’s strengths and talents while providing support for their challenges and needs.

I offer my services to all levels of management and human resource departments focusing on the different phases of employment: hiring, onboarding, and retaining employees. I support managers in understanding and embracing their employees' unique strengths, talents, and challenges and coach them to optimize employee performance through making adaptations to the work environment and means of communication. 
My services include

  • Needs assessment

  • Management training

  • Staff training

  • Individual coaching for managers and employees

  • Personalized accommodation plans for individuals with unique needs

  • Accountability and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs/Support Groups) 

Relocation Support for Employees with Neurodivergent Children 

I support employees and their families through the different phases of relocation, before, during, and after the transition, to minimize stress and ensure a successful adjustment for their children. I tailor my services to each family after a thorough intake with parents. Services may include a review of previous records and diagnosis, communication with current and former service providers and school team, referral for psychological evaluation, school search, and advocacy in the process of eligibility for services. Families are also invited to benefit from other coaching and consulting services that I offer during and after the move.

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