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My Approach

Welcome to my website! I provide specialized services to children of all ages, families, and adults with a wide range of abilities. I believe in understanding and embracing neurodiversity - the many different ways humans think, learn, behave, and interact with the world.

My goal is to identify what is getting in the way of my clients’ ability to participate in and enjoy the different aspects of their life and tailor my services to each client's needs. My coaching style is guided by a holistic, relationship-based, and strength-based approach to human development. I am sensitive to my clients’ emotional, social, behavioral, physical, cognitive, spiritual, and cultural attributes. I provide my services in a safe, caring, warm, and supportive environment and promote clients' self-confidence and personal growth.
I embrace and honor my clients and meet them where they are. Through a collaborative approach, I align goals with what they bring to each session.


I strongly believe that all children and adults deserve to feel a sense of belonging and fairness in empowering, caring, and inclusive environments. I practice active listening and am sensitively attuned to the unique way each human brain is wired.

Empower Unique Minds
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