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Parents and Families

Parent and Family Coaching

My unique approach to supporting neurodivergent children, parents, and families stems from my years of experience as a special education teacher, inclusion specialist, educational therapist, and ADHD and executive function coach.
I work with parents to better understand how their child experiences the world and provide a neurological and psychological explanation for their behaviors. Together, we develop tailored strategies and tools to cope with each family's daily stressors, such as morning and bedtime routines, homework time, household chores, family time, and recreation. I coach parents to advocate for their children in the educational and healthcare systems to ensure comprehensive, supportive care. I pay close attention to each family member’s values, passions, talents, interests, and strengths and work with these attributes to address the challenges in an empowering way.
My own journey as a parent of neurodivergent children has also taught me to embrace and honor each family and meet them where they are.

Advocacy and Case Management

I offer advocacy and case management services to help parents navigate the educational systems and advocate on behalf of their children. My goal is to ensure successful outcomes of school accommodation plans and special education eligibility through SST meetings, IEPs, 504 plans, and school placements and transitions.
As a case manager, I offer a comprehensive needs assessment followed by ongoing planning, prioritizing, and monitoring of services in the education and healthcare systems to ensure that the unique needs of the client/family are met.


Relocation support for families with neurodivergent children

I support families through the different phases of relocation, before, during, and after the transition, to minimize stress and ensure a successful adjustment for their children. I tailor my services to each family after a thorough intake with parents. Services may include a review of previous records and diagnosis, communication with current and former service providers and school team, referral for psychological evaluation, school search, and advocacy in the process of eligibility for services. Families are also invited to benefit from other coaching and consulting services that I offer during and after the move.

Neurofeedback Training (Excellent Brain Method)

Neurofeedback training can be integrated into the ADHD coaching work and can benefit children (starting at eight years old), teens, and adults. This training uses the Excellent Brain neurofeedback platform for brain training and can improve focus, increase attention span, and maximize performance. Neurofeedback training can also be used to teach relaxation and mindfulness. The progress can be monitored using the MOXO-CPT (continuous performance task) test by obtaining a baseline attention performance and measuring progress during the training period (pre-post).

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