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ADHD & Executive Function Coach
DEI & Neurodiversity Consultant
Educational Therapist

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My Approach

Welcome to my website! I provide specialized services to children of all ages, families, and adults with a wide range of abilities. I believe in understanding and embracing neurodiversity - the many different ways humans think, learn, behave, and interact with the world.

About me

I have over 25 years of experience educating, evaluating, consulting, coaching, and advocating for children and adults with a wide range of abilities. I hold a Master’s degree and a teaching certificate in Special Education from Tel Aviv University, and I am certified in Educational Therapy and in ADHD Coaching. 

Parents & Families

  • Coaching 

  • Advocacy and Case Management 

  • Relocation Support for Families with Neurodivergent Children 

  • Neurofeedback Training 


  • ADHD & Executive Functions Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Neurofeedback Training

Companies & Organizations

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consulting

  • Relocation Support for employees with Neurodivergent Children

Workshops & Training

  • In the workplace

  • In the community

Therapy Sessions
"Nirit has been a trusted and treasured resource over my twelve years navigating the (often challenging) world of learning differences on behalf of my child."

AW, parent of a 16 year old

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